29 June 2015


What happened in June?

* I went for a short beach holiday and enjoyed the sunsets. * Went back to London and stopped by British Museum. * Finally got my hands on All The Light We Cannot See; a book I've been waiting long enough to read. * Admired the Victorian glory of Russell Hotel. * Saluted St Paul's as I crossed Millennium Bridge. * Went to Cambridge for a day and walked around aimlessly. * Flickered through my V&A diary for some writing inspiration. * Enjoyed the beautiful buildings of Cambridge. * Enhanced my Persephone Books collection and proved that I cannot be trusted around bookshops, yet again.

Greetings. This corner of the internet has been collecting dust long enough and I'm aware of that. But forcing blog posts about things that did not excite me felt unnecessary when I was unsure if I wanted to keep a steady pace here or not to begin with. Yet I miss taking photos, I miss preparing content, however small or big it may be.

I have changed the design to something simpler and cleaner to help keep my head clear about the blog as well. I will keep writing about things that give me joy, my travels taking the lion's share, and I won't try to fit this place into a label anymore. Interests change all the time and while feedback is wonderful and I enjoy connecting with people through what I love; I don't want to tweak my passion towards what will bring views or followers. I've considered making this blog a more professional setting for the sake of opportunities but while it was fruitful for a while, it killed the joy rather quickly. So here I am, without a plan but with a lot of photos to edit and share.

(I've been taking photos mostly with my phone due to practical reasons; but I am about to purchase a new lens and experiment with it. If anyone has a good compact/mirrorless option that won't break the bank, it is also appreciated.)

Whoever you are, sticking through thick and thin and still reading this post; thank you, whether you post a comment or not. Hope you enjoy what's coming next.

-D.T. x


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