23 September 2014



Today was three Tuesdays long.  I don't care for Tuesdays.


I have discovered that one can in fact nod off standing, I have also discovered that there is no amount of distressing club songs you can listen to wake your brain up. That bad boy needs rest, and a good long sleep.

The cause of my misery is sadly me so I can't blame it on a hefty amount of work I had to do or some physically exhausting duties I needed to complete. But with the good combination of a hangover, the never ending sound of a heavy drill from upstairs, multiple meetings; I am in the mood for murder.

Emotional exhaustion aside, when I'm also physically drained, what I only care for is comfort food and a comfortable surface I can lie on. So when I came home today, a hot shower, a generous bowlful of dinner and reading my favourite blogs was the only thing I had in mind. (It would be romantic if I said that was the only thing I did but house chores will be house chores and the laundry still won't do itself in the merry year of 2014. Go figure.)

The rest of the evening will be consisting of steaming hot tea and my handsome new - book.


A mild pamper, a good dinner, Fortnum & Mason tea and I am all set.


  1. A new book sounds like a fine way to relax.

  2. Books are always perfect for relaxing.


  3. I love reading a good book and drink a hot tea just to relax myself. Love your pictures.



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