28 July 2012

Days in Istanbul

*quickly wipes off the dust on the blog*

I know, my blogging schedule sucked pretty much for the last few weeks and I don't feel good about it but I blame the extremely uncomfortably hot weather for my lack of will to move my finger, take photos, edit them, find something nice to write and arrange a blog post. You have no idea how much respect I have for the regular successful bloggers out there because it's serious work and needs being organized and dedicated all the time. 

You rule, bloggers!

Anyhoo, I was in ─░stanbul again last week. A good friend of mine is moving there soon so we needed to make some arrangements and of course, needless to say; I went to see Morrissey. The concert was fantastic and I just adore the man. You should love him too. We were so lucky because Istanbul was melting a day before I arrived but we had a nice breeze and clear skies that evening. Going back to Taksim after the show was a pain though because well, taxi drivers.

Let me tell you something about Istanbul cabbies; they are cruel people. Not in a way that will torture you and lock you up in a cage, but in a way that will not take you in no matter what and wave as they pass by. We could walk back to the square but a friend had a problem with her knee so that was not an option and no taxi would stop by and take us. After one point, I was considering throwing myself on a cab and let it drag me for the rest of the road. Thankfully, after many minutes, an angel in a cabbie vessel took us in and we could go back to the city center with fewer fuss. Thank you 34 TDJ 09! You're a good man.

Istanbul was lovely as always and I miss everything from the narrow lovely streets of Cihangir to the beloved Irish Pub of ours; The James Joyce. 

I also bought massive loads of books as always. (Graveyard Book is a must read for everyone in my opinion. Neil Gaiman is a mini god.) Enjoyed my books as I devoured scrambled eggs and bacon (that was pretty much my every meal there, I don't know why but I don't regret it. My cardiovascular system may regret it a little). It was a great trip all over and I'm hoping to do it again soon. Here are a few shots from the trip as always, hope you enjoy. I know I did.


08 July 2012

Mini Post: Sunday Lunch


I tried a tomato-basil sauce for the pasta and it turned out to be excellent. Simple delicious Sunday lunch.

04 July 2012

Wednesday's Tops

1) Rodolforever is one of my favorite artists. He has incredible illustrations with book cover and movie poster designs; art deco all over the place. Which is why I have a mental climax everytime I go through his gallery. Be sure to visit if you enjoy the old fashioned design through new tools of trade. Simply delicious. 2) Bria tried the best recipe for pistachio macarons on her blog a few years ago. Hopefully my trays will be full of mint green macarons when I'm done with the recipe. Yummy. 3) I am admiring these Wayfarers. These London-themed sunglasses are exactly what I'd love to wear but they seem to be out of stock. How sad. 4) I just bought Paris in Color - finally! It's the collected work of Nichole Robertson who runs Little Brown Pen. Her 'Paris in Color' project has became one of my favorite things ever in general through time and I'm glad I finally managed to buy her book. I'd recommend you to do the same as well.

02 July 2012

Early Mornings


It was so very bright this morning yet there was a cool breeze which made me incredibly happy because the past few days have been unreasonably hot...


Yet I have the hardest time rolling out of the bed in the mornings because it's too comfortable and I'd rather enjoy myself having tea in bed as I read books or fanfics...

Lost Letters

Also, my penpals send me the most adorable letters with pretty envelopes and stickers...


But there is nothing I love more than fresh bread in the mornings.

What do your mornings look like?

To Clio: I promised you some food photography yesterday, but we ended up drinking rather than enjoying ourselves with pleasant food. I owe you a dinner post!