30 April 2012

Istanbul not Constantinople (1)

I was in İstanbul this weekend to see the Rembrandt exhibition, see my friend and my grandmother and there will be a post of for the photos of it. But I left the SD card at the office so this is just a preview post! A glimpse of the streets of Galata, one  of my favorite neighbourhoods in the city. I love İstanbul so much, my reactions become unreasonable sometimes.

Have any of you ever been to İstanbul? Is there anyone who wants to visit?

27 April 2012

Favorite Things - 5

I realized I haven't done a 'Favorite Things' post in ages. I'll be out of town for a little weekend getaway and hopefully I'll be back with photos to share. Enjoy your weekend. xx

*All photos are linked back to their rightful owners.*

1) Guinness
It took me a while to get used to the bitter taste of Guinness but I love it now. Thankfully, we've found a place in my city that serves Guinness (which is a rare thing).


2) Heart Pattern Blouse
I love this Mango blouse since the day I bought it.

Mango Blouse

3) Vintage bicycles
There is no proper place to ride bicycles in my city (a shame, yes) but nevertheless, I love vintage bicycles. It's also a shame that I can't ride a bicycle but that's another story. Don't make fun of me.


 4) Françoise Hardy
She's certainly one of the most beautiful things that walked on this planet. I love her.

Françoise Hardy, Circa 1966

5) Brogues
I have a thing for menswear and though some may find it odd, I think menswear can be much more charming than women's fashion. (Goodbye my lovely followers, it was nice having you. *tears*) Brogues are certainly attractive and should be worn at all times.

Vintage Brogues - Shoes

25 April 2012

Strawberry Milkshake

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

Milkshake 7

Strawberries are my favorites but sometimes I want something a little more interesting than a bowl of fruits. This is the easiest recipe on earth and all you need is strawberries, milk, some caster sugar and a blender. I use very little sugar because I'm not much of a sweet tooth but you can add as much as you want.

Milkshake 1
Milkshake 2
Milkshake 3
Milkshake 4
Milkshake 5
Milkshake 6
Milkshake 8 Milkshake 9

Enjoy! xx

22 April 2012


Hurts - Illuminated


Spring light is so lovely nowadays.


Ballerina flats: Yargıcı;
Earrings: Yargıcı;
Striped skirt: Mark&Spencer;
Knit cardigan: Mango;
Perfect Touch Radiance Foundation: YSL;
Effacernes Longue Tenue Concealer: Lancôme;
i-D Mag Royalt Issue.

13 April 2012

Spring Sky


I've been terribly sick for the past week. So sick in fact I had to take a 5 day long sick leave from work (doctor's orders). The weather has been rainy but today, the sky looks very amazing. Wish I could get out for a walk but instead, I guess I'll stay in and cough my day away.

I had plans for a few posts and I was meaning to catch up with my favorite blogs too but my head is only useful for watching Friends and making tea apparently.

Have a nice weekend. xx

01 April 2012

New Old Books

New Old Books I
New Old Books II
New Old Books III
New Old Books IV
New Old Books V
New Old Books VI
New Old Books VII

My handwriting is really frustrating.

Men Without Women, Ernest Hemingway
A Moveable Feast (In Turkish), Ernest Hemingway
A Moveable Feast (In English), Ernest Hemingway
Musei - Galleria Nazionale Di Londra I & II (They are in Italian, obviously, and I have no idea how will I manage to read them but I don't really care.)