28 May 2011

Favorite Things - 2

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you have a nice weekend. I am hoping to have a better week afterwards since last week was basically a fail for me. No worries, keeping our spirit high with our favorite things.

1- Lace
I love lace and how nostalgic it makes me feel. It is most certainly elegant and makes an outfit stylish in no time. At least for my taste. I do not wear enough lace as I'd like to wear but I am admiring it non-stop on pretty people with pretty taste.

Lace fabric

2- Vanilla Cake
Does it need saying? Vanilla cheers me up, more than chocolate does.

Very Vanilla Cake

3- Pretty Work Spaces
I love seeing other people's desks, home offices and work spaces. Organized places make me riddiculously happy and inspire me to have one myself as well. (I will certainly not show you a photo oh my desk, no sir.)

work space

4- Pera Palas by Kemal Öztürk
The book I am currently reading. I adore every page of it. It's about the history of the region Pera and the very iconic hotel, Pera Palas. Pera is considered as a place which started the westernization of İstanbul and Ottoman Empire since it always maintained different cultures from Venecian to French. One of my favorite locations in İstanbul is Pera and my definately most favorite of all hotels is Pera Palas. Which makes it obvious why I love this book so much. (Oh hello 1880s, we've met before.)

5- Krisatomic's Illustrations

I've been a fan of her since God knows when. I love her simple style and colorful illustrations so very much. Her images of my beloved Brighton and very lovely photography makes her even more amazing to me. I'm sure you've all heard of her but I am still going to spread the Krisatomic love.

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22 May 2011


Lazy Dizzy is lazy. I came back on Friday night but postponing my blog posts since then.

İzmir was delightful as always, I recommend you to see there if you ever come to Turkey one day. The weather was so very hot, I couldn't wear my jeans at all. Yay dresses ^^ Since I went there for a conferance and we couldn't see around very much, my photos are not very charming. Yet I enjoyed sunsets over the Aegean sea, eat loads of sea food, walked until my feet literally ached and on our last night, welcomed the sunrise at the seaside. It was a nice break from all the chilly weather and rain in Ankara.

Air-conditioned, comfy busses of İzmir, how I miss you.

My grandmother's balcony suited the weather in İzmir, unlike the rain outside at this moment.







09 May 2011

Favorite Things - 1

I saw this kind of posts in some of my favorite blogs and since I lack inspiration and/or new photos to share, I can post the pretty photos of some of my favorite things.

1 - China tea cups
I love tea and I think that's pretty obvious. But there is an outstanding pleasure in drinking your tea with an elegant, pretty china rather than those massive thick mugs.

China Tea Cup
Photo by: Cindy {k}

2 - Mint Intense by Lindt
I am not a sweet tooth usually. I do not crave for dessert and I don't remember stuffing chocolate just in case for an "emergency". Yet, Lindt is very tempting and my favorite is the mint flavoured one. The taste is not as sharp as After Eight which is better for me.

Excellence de Chocolat
Photo by: Suahir Liyakath

3 - Midnight In Paris
This will be a favorite of mine as soon as I watch it, I just know. Incredible Paris view, nice music, 1920s and my all-time lady crush Marion Cotillard. Can't wait to see this movie.

4 - Hilarity / Sarah Dvojack
Sarah is currently one of my all-time favorite artists. I can't get enough of her illustrations and she's heck of a writer too. She recently started to use Tumblr more frequently and I couldn't be happier. She's such a decent person as well, I am such a fan girl.
(My hopes for not getting a restraining order soon are still high, lol. Ok.)


5 - Sharpening my pencils
Though I lack the talent of a good artist, I still enjoy sketching my characters (I am not mental, they are my role playing characters). I used to draw a lot more frequently when I was in high school but I gave it up for about 4-5 years ago. It feels good to touch the pencil and the paper again, even though its pretty hard for me to draw like I used to. Still practising.


I like my pencils sharp. Sharp sharp sharp. Very sharp.

Twin lens pencil sharpener
Photo by: Patrick Ng

01 May 2011

Color : Pink.

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink

Color: Pink
I love how riddiculous this bag is. It says "Pink Pig Always Smiles" on it and has a beaded pig face(smiling of course). A silly gift from my cousin.

Color: Pink