28 April 2011

Memories Are Made Of This

Dean Martin ~ Memories Are Made Of This

I have an addiction for vintage postcards. Though the old photos of people I don't know makes me a little sad (it makes me feel like I'm reading a diary which I'm not supposed to find), I absolutely love reading old postcards and letters. No need no mention that the handwritings of the old are absolutely gorgeous. So whenever I'm in ─░stanbul, I go to my favorite antiquarian's shop which sells old photos, maps, books, pictures as well as the reproductions of some original art; and I pick a few "new" old postcards and letters for myself. My personal favorites are the ones from 1900s-1930s.

Vintage Postcards9

Vintage Postcards2

Vintage Postcards3

Vintage Postcards4

Vintage Postcards5

Vintage Postcards6

Vintage Postcards8

Vintage Postcards1

12 April 2011

WishWishWish! - Doodle

Hello again! Since I enjoyed my very first doodle of Paula a.k.a. Pinkbow, I decided to do another one one today.

So, here's another favorite blogger Carrie, a.k.a. WishWishWish.
Hope you like it Carrie!
PS: Yes, a french beret instead of a bowler hat. Because I screwed up the hat, LOL. Anyways.

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06 April 2011

Pink Bow! - Doodle

Pink Bow! by Dizzy Tea
Pink Bow!, a photo by Dizzy Tea on Flickr.

Hello, anyone who's reading this post. Anyone there? Someone?

Anyways, as you can see the Pink Bow button right there, my favorite blog belongs to Paula, a.k.a. Pink Bow. I love this dress of hers and I wanted to draw a little doodle for her since she inspired me everyday and I absolutely love her photos. I am not an artist and this is hardly spectacular but still, looks cute!

I hope she enjoys this, as well as you would.

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