29 December 2011

Travel Time

I'll be flying to my lovely London tomorrow, very early in the morning (and hardly as fancy as the photo above actually but that's fine). So I will not be able to post anything unless I really feel like sending photos, until next Sunday.

I wish you all a very happy new year! Have fun xx

24 December 2011

Christmas Snow

Whenever I see it's snowing when I wake up, my face literally goes:

So yes, I love snow. We don't celebrate Christmas here, at least it has nothing to do with religion since the majority is Muslim and etc. But the idea of a white Christmas is still lovely anyways. This is the first proper snow and I'm hoping it will last more than a few hours. With my new grey Cashmillon Wrap from Marks and Spencer, I am really enjoying the snowy Christmas Eve, at work. Oh well.

Merry Christmas everyone. xxx

Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow

17 December 2011

2012 Wishlist

What to have in 2012?


1. A black, chic and useful satchel, preferably from Cambridge Satchel. (Thanks to Rachel Phipps for introducing her bright purple bag from Cambridge Satchel, LOVED it.)

2. A pair of comfortable, everyday brown loafers.

3. A new watch from Swatch, white and sleek.

4. A Babyliss waver, for making faux fingerwaves.

5. A cozy plaid jacket.

6. A navy wool blazer.

7. O.P.I. 'Cuckoo for this Color' nail enamel.

8. A plaid cashmere blanket.

9. A silver knot ring.

10. A pair of red comfortable suede flats.

13 December 2011

The Kooples

I don't know if you've ever heard of The Kooples and its amazing videos but I've been obsessed with these for quite a while. I just came across with the new 'kooples' for the campaign and that's why I decided to make a post about it.

So you take a gorgoeus Anglo-Parigot couple, dress them up with the ultimate urban style with a rock and vintage edge, make a video of them telling a few words about their past; here you have perfection. Also, the videos feature great indie music which can be also found at the website of The Kooples itself, launched as Kooples Records.

And by the way, Venus and Jonas are probably the most beautiful couple I've seen.
Not fair, at all.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

05 December 2011

Favorite Things Guest: Pink Bow

Today, one of my favorite bloggers is a guest of mine: Paula a.k.a. Pink Bow. I'm sure you're familiar with her lovely blog which is a place for beautiful photography and lovely everyday details, as well as a very refined taste for fashion and decoration. Thank you for being my guest Paula. xx

Here are 5 of my favourite things - a difficult choice as I have many!

1. Chanel
Anything big or small from this iconic brand.

2. Home
I'm such a home-body and I love the little things that make a house a home.

3. Lipstick
I love really bright, matt colours. As I'm so pale, lipstick is an absolute necessity.

4. Lula Magazine
I look forward to this bi-annual publication which just seems to encapsulate everything girly that I love.

5. Tea
Although I'm a coffee drinker first thing on a morning, it is always tea for the rest of the day. And I love to try new teas, Laduree is my ultimate favourite.

29 November 2011


I'm being super lazy about my blog again but though there are a few things I'm willing to shoot/share, I really hate the evening light. My favorite is the early morning light and sunset and this is prevented by my working hours unfortunately. I could have got up half an hour earlier and take photos of course, but as I said: I am super lazy.

I'll give you another lovely photographer from Flickr: Liz.Rusby. She has magnificent images of Paris of her own. My favorites are the Paris photos but the rest is amazing too. Such a keen eye for a good compositon. May I add I am a bit jelaous of that.

If you are a lover of the City of Light, I'm sure she'll be your new addiction.

It was a dream

And a GPOY for a change. Peter pan collars are the best!

25 November 2011

Miniature Rooms

PS: I know it's not even December yet but who cares? Here's a little wreath in the header for your very early Christmas joy.

I've always loved dollhouses as a child and it seems like I've never grown out of my love for fully furnished tiny houses. I recently came across with an account at Flickr that shares the miniature rooms he makes. Sweetington's rooms are perfect little places which don't lack a single detail. My favorite is absoltely the blue room which is displayed on a shelf. I'd love to have a miniature room like that; I would play with it (in my mind with many many made up characters) and never get bored of it. Which one is your favorite?

Shelf room
The Blue Room...with dollshouse
"Country House"
Music room
Two rooms
Chinoiserie bedroom

(all photos linked back to the rightful owner)

18 November 2011

Autumn Days

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a long walk at the park, a delicious steak lunch and finally some dessert at a shabby chic cafe I really love. Though the strawberries were terrible, rest of my dessert was very good. Late-autumn is my favorite time of the year. Cold weather makes me so very happy, I'm definitely not a summer person; all I could do during summer last few years was to sleep at 8 am and wake up at 5 pm, so I could get away from the horrible weather and harsh sun during the day. Oh well.

Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day
Autumn Day

07 November 2011

Favorite Things - 4

Stay tuned for some quality food porn. Here are my favorite things to eat, without considering the time or place.

I am still oh very lazy to take some photos and edit them; so enjoy my life-saver favorite things post! x

1 - Croissant
I never say no to croissant. Sweet, salty, plain, almond, cheese, etc. Come at me.


2 - Cream Tea
One of my favorite things about England - scones and clotted cream. Seriously, I can never eat enough and it's always tea time for me. That's why I enjoy cream tea way too much if I am in London.

Cream Tea

3 - Calamari
Sea food. Forever. I love it with tartar sauce though.


4 - California Rolls
I am not a fan of sushi at all; I don't enjoy every kind of it and the idea of eating raw fish makes me feel icky. BUT, california rolls, those I love. I really do.

California Roll

5 - Cheese
I can live with it, really. Nothing but cheese and good bread. Less is more.


All photos linked back to rightful owners. Just contact me if you wish your photo to be removed from this post.