29 June 2015


What happened in June?

* I went for a short beach holiday and enjoyed the sunsets. * Went back to London and stopped by British Museum. * Finally got my hands on All The Light We Cannot See; a book I've been waiting long enough to read. * Admired the Victorian glory of Russell Hotel. * Saluted St Paul's as I crossed Millennium Bridge. * Went to Cambridge for a day and walked around aimlessly. * Flickered through my V&A diary for some writing inspiration. * Enjoyed the beautiful buildings of Cambridge. * Enhanced my Persephone Books collection and proved that I cannot be trusted around bookshops, yet again.

29 October 2014

Autumn in the city


October went by so fast, I'm not sure how. In fact entire 2014 was a blur to me, I swear I was dreading coming back from London in July just a few weeks ago. But despite all the rush, the autumn in finally in the city. I no longer need to force myself to keep the jumper I had put on , not because it was cold enough but because I was too eager. We even had quite a few properly rainy days, the ones that make you glad to be inside as the wind howls at a safe distance.

23 September 2014



Today was three Tuesdays long.  I don't care for Tuesdays.

03 March 2014

February shenanigans

1. I treated myself to some pink carnations in the beginning of the month. Having a vase at the office sure lifts the mood. 2. Went to dinner with one of my best friends and had a great time munching on mezzes and talking for hours. 3. Found some Hampstead photos that I forgot about. What a lovely day that was. 4. Survived Valentine's Day without a date and found these paper hearts on the road, looking a bit sad. 5. Had a makeup free monday which did not help with my attitude whatsoever. 6. Kept missing London and Bloomsbury. 7. Enjoyed a pepper, herbs and feta cheese pasta for a Saturday lunch, while watching Iron Man. 8. Went to an Italian cooking course and learnt to make pasta - easier than going to the market! And it was delicious. 9. Spotted this goldfish dress and now I want to keep it hanging on my wall just to enjoy the colours and the print.

February was sort of a blur, March arrived before I expected and after this ridiculous winter (which we had neither snow nor a good amount of rain) I am ready for an actual spring rather than a fake one in January. Spring comes every year yet it still manages to surprise me with the first apple blossoms of the year. Looking forward to take lots of flower photos and post them until everybody is sick of nature. I may also do something groundbreaking and invest in a floral dress. Who knew.

Happy March! x

19 February 2014

Lush made me a hoarder (also known as Lush haul)

I love Lush. Simple as that. The products, the store displays, the variety, natural ingredients, the fact that every Lush store around the world smells exactly the same... I love pretty much everything about it.